Your partner for consultancy, specialized in end to end services in the areas of rig moves, worldwide rig mobilizations & demobilizations, rig up/down crews, designing of rig move procedures and global project management

BLCS International has successfully completed well over 1.200 rig moves worldwide, planned, coordinated and executed for various drilling companies. Under various conditions, challenging environments in several regions of the world

Our actual achieved targets

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We can provide the following services

Rig Move


As experts in the field of rig moves, we have the expertise and competence to offer our rig move consultancy service. Our focus here is the improvement of efficiency and optimization of the rig move process and the simultaneous increase of the safety standards.

Rig (De-) Mobilisation


Single Point of Contact during the entire Project, Competence and well-engineered logistics solutions by using our global network.

Rig Move


BLCS creates professional Rig Move manuals that cover every aspect of rig down / up / move process on paper and/or digital..

Rig Move
Personnel Support


Provision of competent and experienced rig move supervisors and riggers to act as a catalyst for the rig down and rig up process.

Global Project


We provide integrated project solutions for global logistic projects. This starts with the planning, through the complete execution up to the final review at the end of the project. Everything from one source, with for each project a single Point of Contact

About us

Since its foundation in 2008, BLCS International has established a global market presence in the above-mentioned, but not limited, services areas. Predominantly in the oil & gas industry, but also in other related industry sectors. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most efficient and optimized service possible. Our service objectives are to provide our clients with the ability of increased safety, costs savings, increase the operational productivity efficiency and generate enhanced profit margins. The basic requirement of any project is that BLCS International will be always in compliance with international and customer regulated safety standards, which are obligatory and applicable in the industry. In order to be able to fulfil this basic requirement, regarding safety regulations at any given time, our personnel, who are specially qualified for the services offered, undergo continuous training and further development education. Based on this continuous training, our consultants and staff are always familiar with the latest developments and additional requirements, regarding the International Safety Regulations, in order to be able to apply them accordingly during the execution of a project.

Our world wide services

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