Vertical rig down of mast land drilling rig

In the beginning of January 2020 a Kuwaiti drilling company contacted BLCS international for engineering and assistance for the dismantling of a mast of one of their onshore drilling installations.

The difficulty of this job was that the mast had to be disassembled vertically after the substructure had been stabilized by applying additional steel beams according to the instructions of the OEM. The substructure had suffered considerable damage due to an operational error and because of this the rig could no longer be disassembled in its original way.

BLCS international and their partner HETCO Heavy and Specialized Carriers Co. (HETCO) had worked out a complete plan to dismantle the mast vertically. This plan consisted of lifting plans, risk analysis and a detailed step-by-step plan for dismantling. The plan was accepted by the drilling company and the insurance company.

BLCS international provided the experienced rigging supervisor and riggers. HETCO, the partner of BLCS international, took care of the cranes, lifting equipment and crew.

The cranes that were mobilized in period of 5 days for this job were:
Demag CC2800 – 600 Ton crawler with 78 meter mainboom (SL)
Demag AC200 – 200 Ton rough terrain crane
Demag AC435 – 150 Ton rough terrain crane

Together under the watchful eye of the drilling company, insurance company surveyor and location owner, the mast was vertically dismantled plus all heavy parts of the drill floor were removed.
Safety had to be guaranteed during the execution, special attention was paid to working at height and working from a man basket. Given the experience of the riggers, this was not a problem.

The customer was very satisfied and very pleased with the cooperation between the two companies who prepared and executed this project together within a short period of time and within client’s budget.

Project highlights:

Heights lift: Crown section, weight 14.0 Ton @ height 63.0 meter
Heaviest load: Drawwork, Weight 62.0 Ton @ height 14.2 meter

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