Rig-up assistance for new 3000HP onshore drilling rig in Kuwait

In December 2019 BLCS international was contacted by the company Action Consultancy Bureau (Action Drilling) in Kuwait for rig-up assistance. The question of the company was whether BLCS international could send a group or rig builders consisting of a rigging supervisor and some riggers to assemble their onshore drilling rigs coming from China.

The reason for Action drilling to hire experienced rig builders was that these people are very experienced and therefore assemble a drilling rig in a safe, efficient and short time. The crew of the drilling rig is completely new and unfamiliar with this rig. For the experienced rig builders this is their core business and they are therefore able to assemble a drilling rig in a considerable amount of time with limited information.

The drilling rig arrived in Kuwait in the second half of January 2020. The rig builders started their work on 28 January. Due to the fact that the crew of the OEM was not allowed to enter Kuwait because of Corona, there was little information on location of the rig. Based on some drawings and some input from the 3 Chinese employees of the OEM who had been in Kuwait for a long time, there was nothing on location. Due to the experience of the crew the rig (mud system, mud pumps, power-plant, substructure & mast) was assembled in 14 days. Unfortunately the crew could not complete the mast in these 14 days because some parts were in the workshop for repair, transport damage. Nevertheless the customer Action drilling was very pleased with the performance of the rig-up crew.

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