We can provide the following services

Rig Move


BLCS creates professional Rig Move Manuals that cover every aspect of Rig Up/Down/Move processes on paper and digital.

Rig (De-) Mobilization


BLCS provides Project Management while executing a Rig move and/or Rig mobilization worldwide. Such service includes planning, processing, documentation and elaboration of the entire Rig move process. Additionally we are able to support you with experienced man power for rig down and rig up activities.

Rig Move


BLCS creates professional Rig Move Manuals that cover every aspect of Rig Up/Down/Move processes on paper and digital.

Rig Move
Personnel Support


BLCS creates professional Rig Move Manuals that cover every aspect of Rig Up/Down/Move processes on paper and digital.

Global Project


BLCS provides Supply Chain consulting services to support entities to optimize their actual processes - strategic, tactical, and operational. We create market orientated solutions that match the customer’s corporate strategy. Simple and successful Supply Chain Management.

Rig Move Consultancy

As experts in the field of rig moves, we have the expertise and competence to offer our rig move consultancy service. Our focus here is the improvement of efficiency and optimization of the rig move process and the simultaneous increase of the safety standards.

BLCS International is specialized, in supporting consultancy for all types of onshore rig moves. This starts with the planning, over the coordination, up to the execution of an upcoming rig move. We operate worldwide, so there is no environment or circumstance unfamiliar to us under which a rig should be dismantled, loaded, transported, unloaded and assembled again. With the experience of our staff, of 30 years in the oil & gas industry and the handling of our broad customer portfolio, we have moved all types of drilling rigs over the years, such as swing lift, slingshot and box-on-box etc. Safety, efficiency and optimization of the rig moves to be carried out, are always the priorities. Our goal is to provide our customers a safe and efficient rigmove, supported by a sustainable cost reduction, with a simultaneous reduction of the total rig move time.

BLCS crew support acts as a catalyst for each and every rigmove. Another consultancy service that BLCS can offer, is the observation of a rig move. During the observation BLCS staff will review your rig move planning, the assembly and disassembly activities, task and responsibilities of the drilling crew, subcontractors and the competence of your rig crew. The results are then summarized in a concise report, which can be used as a basis for immediate or subsequent improvements in the entire rig move operation/project.

Rig Mobilization & Demobilization Services

Single Point of Contact during the entire Project, Competence and well-engineered logistics solutions by using our global network.

In order to carry out a Rig Mobilization/Demobilization project in an unconventional, most cost-saving and efficient way, BLCS International offers an end-to-end solution for such specific projects. This includes the consideration of the lowest risk solutions and the fastest possible delivery of the drilling rig components to the final destination.

The entire project, starting with the planning up to the provision of the drilling rig, either in single rig components or up to the drilling rig ready for operation, is carried out by a very experienced project team. The advantage for BLCS customers is that there is only one single POC (Point of Contact) who will accompany the entire project from the beginning onwards and who is fully responsible during the project. This will be supported by our large global network.

The service begins with the project planning, by the preparation of all necessary documents at the place of origin, disassembly of the drilling rig, cleaning, packing, transport by road, sea or air. The service includes furthermore the necessary custom clearance, stevedoring activities, transport to the destination and if desired, the assembly of the drilling rig on site. The customer is updated daily, with concise daily reports, that keeps the customer fully informed about the status regarding the mobilization, respectively demobilization.

Rig Move Manuals

Professional Rig Move Manuals as Print and Digital Media.

BLCS creates professional Rig Move manuals that cover every aspect of rig down / up / move process on paper and/or digital.

Our Rig Move Manual describes the entire Rig Move process. The procedures are adapted to the respective customer- and country-specific regulations. One part of the procedure is a step-by-step documentation and explanation of the entire assembly and disassembly process of the drilling rig, supported by descriptions, images, drawings and/or graphics.

Additional elements and sections of the entire manual include, but are not limited to the Transport Procedure, Rig Move Risk assessment, Lifting Plans, Crane/lifting methods, Project Risk Analysis, GANTT diagram, critical path method according to MS Project planning. The Rig move manual is designed and prepared as and editable file, so that each chapter can be changed, adapted and/or modified at any time. This means that it can be edited very flexibly, according to customer requirements.

Due to a specially designed IT program for the creation of a Rig Move Manual, we can work efficiently and offer our customers different types of procedures. Tailored solutions will be prepared to customer needs and requirements.

Personnel Support

Provision of competent and experienced rig move supervisors and riggers to act as a catalyst for the rig down and rig up process.

Another BLCS core competence is assisting the rig down and rig up activities with our highly experienced staff. Here we have trained BLCS staff is mainly trained on the job, with many years of experience in the above-mentioned work. By the engagement of our teams, the rig move times have been drastically reduced. BLCS staff mainly work as catalyst for the drilling crew and can also be used for training the drilling crew in rigmove activities, on the job.

Our dismantling and assembly teams are available worldwide, both for supervision and hands on work, whatever type of service the customer requires on site.

No matter what type of drilling rig is involved, whether it is slingshot, box-on-box or swing lift drilling equipment, our team of experts has years of experience with this kind of Industry related services.

Global Project Management

We provide integrated project solutions for global logistic projects. This starts with the planning, through the complete execution up to the final review at the end of the project. Everything from one source, with for each project a single Point of Contact.

BLCS can offer you a complete solution, that begins with a detailed consultation. Our competent team consists of senior project planners, drilling and civil engineers, senior rig move supervisors, as well as other long-time employees from the oil & gas industry. In other words, we can offer you a project team that has been specialized in mobilization/de-mobilization and national rig moves for years. At the same time, there are also highly experienced logisticians who have a global network at their disposal to plan and supervise the coordination of each land - ship - and airfreight at any time during the project phase until the completion. In this combination with our oil field and logistic specialists , BLCS is able to provide these services by, being professional, efficient and tailored to the customer. Especially in the areas of rig mobilizations and rig moves.